We all know that having plants in our homes can be very beneficial as they are very nice looking and green providing us with a relaxing feeling throughout the day. Unfortunately, not all plants are good plants; always have this in mind when you plan to put some pot of plant into your home. In this article we shall present you a tragic story of one person who unfortunately lost his own child because of one plant kept in his home.

Here is his story: “My son died because he put a piece of leaf in his mouth and the tongue swelled leading to suffocation. This plant is quite common in many homes and offices. It is deadly poisonous and dangerous, to the point of killing a child in 1 minute and an adult in 15 minutes. If you touch it by chance you should never bring your fingers to your eyes, as this could cause permanent blindness. Warn your friends and family”.

This man revealed his story publically because he wanted to warn every person who by any chance has owned this plant in its home as it may lead to death.

The name of his son was Esteban who was 5 years old who was playing around the house. However, he started to feel bad and his mother thought it was just indigestion or fatigue. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case; the child showed a strange color on his skin and had great difficulties with breathing. The parents immediately called 911, and the child was transferred to the hospital where he was admitted as poisoning emergency. No one could tell what was really happening, and after half an hour the doctor brought the terrible news to Esteban’s parents that the child had passed away. The doctor believed that the reason for his death was poisoning from something he had eaten. The parents were in great shock, as they could not figure out what has Esteban eaten that could cause such terrible effect.

After thorough blood testing, it was revealed that the child had inside his blood stream a large dose of a chemical known as calcium oxalate.

This chemical is found in a plant called Diefenbaker or better known in countries of Latin America as Amoena. This is rather common plant that every house has it since it is endurable and it does not require plenty of sunlight, and because of that it is frequently kept in offices. However, after reading this story you need to be extremely careful provided that you have this plant near you, and especially if children are near it as a result of its high rate of poisoning if it is by any chance consumed.

Statistics from 2006 reveal that in U. S. were registered 64,250 cases of poisoning with plants, of which 75% were children under the age of 5.

If by any chance someone suffered a poisoning of Diefenbaker, the National Library of Medicine of the United States advises to clean the mouth with a cold, wet cloth, after that rinse your eyes and drink plenty of milk. This is the first response to poisoning of Diefenbaker; the second one is to immediately consult a care center.

Diefenbaker is a very dangerous plant as it can cause death, and because of that do not forget to share this information with your loved ones and friends or to anyone you know.

15 Habits of People With Concealed Depression

Depression is a very serious mental illness that often goes unnoticed for years. People with concealed depression are battling demons within themselves all on their own. They are not sharing their struggles and do not want to burden those around them.

You see, for most people wounds are not something we are open about. We tend to bottle things up and attempt to remedy them on our own. If you are reading this then you must know someone who you feel you need to better understand or you relate to this yourself. The following 15 habits are some of the most common I have noticed in people dealing with concealed depression.

1. The are often quite talented and very expressive.

A lot of famous people have suffered from mental illnesses, and this suffering gives them deeper emotions. If you really think about it, this is in some form a source to their greatness. While we cannot always see it, their struggles are often reflected in their works. These people are able to bring something beautiful out of the darkness that consumes them.

2. They tend to search for purpose.

We all need a purpose in this life. We want to be sure that we are in some form doing meaningful things. People suffering from hidden depression are not exempt from this. They too want to know the reason for their existence. They are much more susceptible to feeling things like inadequacy and anxiety which leaves them searching for something they can never seem to achieve in their own minds.

3. Sometimes they make muted cries for help.

Sometimes we all need help. When we are not expecting someone to feel weak or to be down in the dumps, we don’t see their cries for help. However, if you notice their cries and can help them in any way, you are creating a very close and trust filled bond with them.

4. They interpret substances differently.

Someone who is dealing with depression usually knows what it is they can take to ease their pain in a sense. They know that caffeine and sugar will raise their mood and that some medicines can help them. They actually have to put a lot of effort into feeling better, unlike most people. It is not as simple as taking a Tylenol when you have a headache.

5. They often have a very involved perception of life and death.

People suffering from depression often face their own mortality in moments of despair and seek answers to life’s deepest questions. They tend to shift from one terrible mindset into another. Sure, not all depressed people deal with suicidal thoughts, but some do.

6. They have strange eating habits.

People with depression may not be able to eat much or at all when they are at their worst. That being said some of them may eat more when at their worst. It varies from person to person.

7. They have abnormal sleeping habits.

People with depression will often sleep for what seems like or may literally be days. Sleep at times can be impossible while other times could be the only thing left that the person can do. When a person is depressed they are dealing with a state of helplessness that will rock their world.

8. They have abandonment issues usually.

If you have dealt with abandonment then you know how terrible it can be. When someone walks out of your life it can be a devastating, but this impacts those with depression much more than other people. It causes them to be more and more secretive about their feelings and creates a fear within them of being abandoned by their loved ones.

9. They are professionals at coming up with ‘cover-up’ stories.

They are able to come up with believable elaborate excuses for the things they are going through. Like if they skip an appointment or don’t return your calls for days. They can easily change the subject when things like this come up and turn the attention away from their pain.

10. They might have habitual remedies.

There are several different lifestyle changes a person can make as an attempt to ease their minds. For instance, these people may do things like exercise, listen to music, go walking, and so forth.

11. They are always making efforts to seem happy.

People suffering from depression learn to fake moods. They will often come off as happy and normal on the outside. When they let their inner struggles appear on the outside they feel as if they are bringing others down.

12. They seek love and acceptance.

People with hidden depression are not hiding their depression because they want to be dishonest, they are just working to protect their hearts. These people want to be loved and accepted just like everyone else.

13. They have trouble shutting off their brains.

These people process everything going on in their lives at a fast speed. They over analyze the good and the bad making everything impact them much deeper. Their brains are like sponges absorbing everything that comes their way.

14. They hurt when other people hurt.

When other people are suffering it brings them down to their worst points. This sort of thing often triggers their emotional pain and can be crippling.

15. They always think of the worst-case scenarios.

While this is very stressful it can be beneficial from time to time. A high intelligence seems to be linked with depression, and they are able to respond to anything that comes their way. This makes them good problem solvers for the most part.

If you or someone you care about is suffering from concealed depression either get help or offer a helping hand. Fighting this alone is not easy or productive. The world can be a wonderful place if you get the help you need nothing can stand in your way. You are not a burden to others and the people who love and care about you want to help you, let them.

Did You Know That The Energy Drinks Are Made With Semen and Bull Urine?

Energy drinks or hypertonic drinks are alcohol-free drinks and with some stimulating virtues that have been on the world market for more than two decades, offering consumers the avoidance or decrease of fatigue and exhaustion, as well as increase mental ability and detoxify the body.
They are composed mainly of caffeine, various vitamins, carbohydrates and other natural organic substances like taurine, which eliminate the feeling of exhaustion of the person who consumes them.

They should not be confused with re-moisturizing beverages or with other types of beverages such as soda, since even in the same containers it is advised that they are not considered moisturizing drinks. Containing high doses of caffeine may produce dependence.

Part of the sense of well-being produced by energy drinks is caused by an energy effect that is produced by the action of psychoactive substances (caffeine, an alkaloid, one of the ingredients in these drinks) acting on the central nervous system, Inhibiting the neurotransmitters responsible for transmitting the feelings of tiredness, sleep, etc., and enhancing those related to feelings of well-being and concentration.

Caffeine, for example, manages to increase the extracellular levels of the neurotransmitters noradrenaline and dopamine in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which explains much of its favorable effects on concentration.
But recently a study by the Longhorn Cattle Company that has shocked everyone, as they revealed an ingredient extracted from the bull’s urine and semen, which were tested in the best brands such as Red Bull and Monster.

Secret Ingredient of Energy Drinks:

Taurine is the so-called American Taurus ingredient that means bull. The tuarine was isolated for the first time from the bile of an ox in 1827, the Australian scientists Leopold Gmelin and Friedrich Tiedemann. It is classified as an amino acid, but lacks a carboxyl group.

Taurine is usually found in the semen of bulls, liver and urine

Disgusting, right? Unfortunately this is the secret ingredient of all energy drinks. Certainly taurine has been synthesized and there are replicas of this compound made in laboratories. But what we should ask ourselves is whether the drinks are using the synthetic version or the extracted version of the urine.

How to extract taurine from bulls:

In the following video we can see how it is extracted from the bulls. This video was recorded by one of the employees of the company who offer numerous energy drinks with this ingredient.

The video was discovered by mistake and leaked, which we can see below:

Side Effects of Taurine:

Taurine in its natural form shows positive effects on the cardiovascular system, nervous system and immune system.

Excessive use of taurine can lead to toxic levels. The most common symptoms of intoxication are gastrointestinal.

Energy drinks often combine taurine with substances such as caffeine. Reliable results on the safety of mixing taurine with other ingredients are not yet available, which may be a concern in the health community.

Now that you know the secret of taurine that have the most popular energy drinks in the world, you have the last decision to know if you continue to consume or not. We thank you for sharing this article through social networks and we await your comments.

Parents Noticed Something Poking Out Their Baby’s Neck, Then Doctors Pull It Out

These parents experienced one of the most terrifying moments that a family can go through. They noticed a strange bump on their seven month old child’s face. While the red bump looked like a normal pimple by all accounts, this story took a few twists and turns along the way. The parents initially assumed that the bump would go away on its own, but this is not what took place.

Emma and Aaron thought that the pimple was going to clear up without any medical assistance, only to watch in horror as the bump continued to grow larger and larger. By the time they finally relented and decided to take the little girl to a doctor, the growth had swelled to the point where it was the same size as a golf ball. We cannot even begin to imagine the level of fear that they experienced.

When the doctor first examined the child, the bump was thought to be a mere infection. After a short while, he soon realized that this was not the case. Once the doctor began to pinch at it, the truth suddenly became clear. By pinching at the bump, he was able to get to the root of the problem. The baby had inhaled a foreign object.

Can you believe that this doctor pulled a whole feather out of the child’s face? After taking a closer look at the child, the doctor came to a strange conclusion. The child had somehow managed to inhale the feather. From there, the feather needed to make its way out of her body. Since there was nowhere else to go, the feather was slowly working its way through the baby’s skin.

These parents had to be stunned to find a whole feather burrowed inside of their baby’s face. However, we are also willing to bet that they breathed a major sigh of relief. Just imagine the level of terror you would experience if something like this were to happen to your little one! This is quite the unique story and we are simply glad to see that it comes with a happy ending attached to it.

Would you like to find out more about this child’s amazing story? If so, then be sure to check out this video. If you are anything like us, then you have probably never heard a story like this one before. Please feel free to share away!

Mom Notices Black Dots Inside Of Her Baby’s Nose, Then Realizes What’s Causing Them

Once the weather starts to cool down, there are a number of fun benefits to be enjoyed. First of all, we get to pull out all of our favorite hoodies and sweaters to wear when we get bundled up on the couch. We also get to enjoy some of the best holidays that each year has to offer. However, the ability to burn candles and create an aroma that permeates the whole house is one of the more fantastic advantages of the season.

While these candles do leave open flames in areas where problems can occur, there are ways to get around this. That’s why you need to make sure that you are reading the bottom of the label when you purchase these types of candles, so that you are not accidentally placing any member of your household in any sort. After all, this is the last thing that most of us want…..

Did you know that the candle’s warning label contains some crucial information that can keep you from having an experience like the mother in this video? You see, this mother recently went through a harrowing experience when her child started to develop strange black dots on the insider of her nose. She was terrified, as any thoughtful parent would be.

But this issue was caused by a rather fixable issue. When we burn scented candles inside of the home, we tend to leave them burning for hours at a time and this can cause the release of various toxins into the air that we breathe. Candles are responsible for the release of a great deal of soot into the home’s atmosphere and this is what needs to be avoided.

If you decide that you want to purchase scented candles to provide your residence with a homey scent come fall and winter, you will need to take the time to read the warning labels. Make sure that you are always buying scented candles that are of the highest possible quality and take the time to read any and all warning labels before you decide to do so.

Would you like to learn more about the potential dangers that are posed by scented candles, so that you can keep your family safe from harm? If so, then take a moment to check out this informative video clip. You just might learn a thing or two that will allow you to avoid the same fate as the mother in this story!